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Loops Webinars: Programm

Subcortico-cortical loops seminars are currently inactive, but will re-start mid-July 2024. Below is a list with the last seminars of 2022 

over 2100
people registered

Mondays at 4pm CET  20' talk + 10' discussion



Online Program

Johanna Rimmele

17 January 2022

Seminar 41

Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics, Frankfurt am Main

"Neural oscillatory models of auditory-motor interactions"

Manuel Castro

24 January 2022

Seminar 42

University of Connecticut School of Medicine

"Neural mechanisms of active avoidance behavior"

Matt Wachowiak

31 January 2022

Seminar 43

 University of Utah School of Medicine

"Interplay between sensory and respiratory dynamics in the mouse olfactory system"

Yosi Yovel

7 February 2022

Seminar 44

Tel Aviv University

"The ontogeny of cognitive maps in the real world"

Sidney Wiener

21 February 2022 Seminar 45

CIRB, Collège de France

"Cell assembly activation coordinated by rhythmic oscillation in the prefrontal-ventral striatum-hippocampal network"

Anna Schröder

28 February 2022 Seminar 46

Max Planck Institute for Brain Research

"Control of neocortical memory by long-range inhibition in layer 1"

Jag Kanwal

28 March 2022

Seminar 47

Georgetown University

"Representing Social Calls within Cortical Networks in an Echolocating Bat"

Marc Schmidt

4 April 2022

Seminar 48

University of Pennsylvania

"Recurrent brainstem-forebrain loops in the control of vocal production in songbirds"

Alison Barth

11 April 2022

Seminar 49

Carnegie Mellon University

"Input- and target-selective plasticity in sensory neocortex during learning"

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