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Inclusion and exclusion criteria

The following criteria are necessary for inclusion of projects in the selection process. Applying projects must:

Client 6

1) study or model the function of mammalian corticofugal connections with the goal of characterizing the impact of such input on subcortical sensory structures, for example on the feed-forward transformation of information,

2) measure or model neuronal activity on a microcircuit level (for example cell type-, column- and/ or layer-specificity) in awake mammals,

3) study or model the dynamics of cortico-subcortical loops according to one or more of the three themes suggested: context-dependency, prediction and attention, learning and plasticity,

4) simultaneously probe (sample and/or manipulate) or model activity in two or more interacting cortico-subcortical structures, where at least one is a sensory structure,

5) study or model circuit function through behavioral or neural activity manipulations,

6) have a clear plan for sharing data, analysis software and models.

We additionally encourage applications for projects which explicitly (collaboration/tandem) or conceptually:

7) foster close interaction of experimental research performed in different sensory systems within the proposed SPP,
8) foster close interaction of experimental and theoretical / computational research within the proposed SPP.

We discourage applications for projects which:

1) are not focused on the topic of cortico-subcortical interactions as described above and in the research themes (,
2) aim at anatomical characterizations of the circuit without functional measurements of brain activity,
3) probe (sample and/or manipulate) activity only from a single structure without sampling/manipulating a second brain area,
4) focus on disease mechanisms or knock-out animals,
5) focus on the role of cortico-subcortical circuits outside sensory/perceptual processing,
6) have a pure computational/theoretical focus without concrete modeling of experimental data or without the aim of providing mechanistic insight into cortico-subcortical information processing,
7) work on non-mammalian model systems.

Client 6
Client 6
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